Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Reading

For those of you that want to read instead of clean this weekend, here's a few favorites from the week...

Why we love Compassion

Top 100 Women Blogs if you have a LOT of time and ambition!

Do you get many emails, some newspaper articles, forwarded on to you? One thing I always try to do once I receive these is to check Snopes for confirmation of the email sources. Many, many times, I have discovered that the emails were completely false! For example, have you received the one about Thomas Jefferson writing long ago about banks and big government being the country's greatest demise? Completely false. Check your emails here.

Sweet words on purity for any of you young girls brave enough to have come to my blog for a quick visit. (Welcome!)

Interesting article from a secular perspective for us Apologia homeschoolers. From Romans 1, it makes sense - we look foolish yet again! I'm okay with it. How 'bout you, Mrs. K.H.?

Resting this weekend,

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Anonymous said...

If you turned on the light you'd have to clean house. I'm not surprised that Apologia and the like make some uncomfortable. LIke you, I'm glad I'm in the camp of the idiots. K