Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend Reading

I hope your weekend is full of Peace, the best kind.

And here's a few of my favorite articles from the week, if you'd rather not wash the cars or fold laundry.

How to Become a Legalistic Christian in Three Easy Steps - unbelievable article! Light and fun, but also rich with truth.

A great tutorial on how to make a miniature Easter tomb with grass and a few pots. There's not a crafty bone in me, but I just might be coerced into making these.

For all you fellow homeschooling freaks out there, here's a favorite to return to time and time again.

As we continue to pray for Haiti, I have enjoyed reading this blog from a family that has served in Haiti for many years. Their footage and words are startling, and yet joyful too.

For no legitimate reason except that Brian Regan is the king of sarcasm and I might possibly be a sucker for sarcasm...and because Real Gil and I find ourselves quoting him throughout our simple daily activities, hope you enjoy our tweaked sense of ER humor.

See you on Monday, dear friends.


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