Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I Haven't Vacuumed This Week

Have you read this yet?

I'm about three years behind on new releases, but this book is a new favorite around these parts. If you are looking for an inspiring true story, you can't beat this one. But you might want to cook a week's worth of meals before you start this sucker. At one point, I had three children happily pounding on pots and pans with metal spoons, and that was okay because I was reading without interruptions (as only a mother can do). You'll never look at big mountains or the Starbucks menu or even homeless folks and God the same.

Resting While I Play Catch Up,


Ms. Meo said...

Loved this one! We got it for Christmas and I read it in a couple of days while many small children ran rampant through the house. :) John's trying to finish it... in his "spare" time. I'm looking forward to reading the next book as well. Have you heard whether it is any good?


Karen said...

No! A sequel, you say? Oh Lord, send me a housekeeper and a nanny...quickly! :) Hope all is well and that John's "spare" time picks up. Blessings to you, Karen