Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real Gil Has a Day Off

Friday was a day off for my man. After a day with the family it was officially Man style. The testosterone level was elevated for sure, as they loaded up - these 3 toddler boys and brave Grandpa and Gil - and headed to places unknown, people mysterious and somewhat foreign.

Where, you ask?

The Monster Truck Rally.

With light-up shoes and diaper bags and Auntie* along to help with crowd control, the Boys and Men unite in monster truck love. It was a beautiful thing.

Grave Digger became a household word used for anything unbelievably cool. Earplugs are cool too, bright orange ones in particular.

Who knew that this...

...was going to lead to this?

It takes me back to the 20-week appointment where reality narrows to cold jelly, black-white screens, and that ultrasound tech who announces life in a gender.

"Well, there's his little scrotum."

After all girl babies, I looked at Real Gil and panicked. "And what am I supposed to do with that?!!!"

Apparently, take it to the monster truck rallies.

So, they did.

And I rest.


**Auntie is in fact my skinnier, more refined identical twin sister. (But I'm nicer) If lying wasn't a sin, I would have just said that was me in the picture above.


Anonymous said...

But since it's her picture and not yours at the monster truck rally you must be the smart one- K

Karen said...

I don't usually laugh out loud, but I AM!!! Hilarious, Miss K, you are indeed. Happy week at your house? -the other K