Monday, March 15, 2010

The Black Box

Do you have a black box?

In our house, it's a serious matter, this average-sized black box with a little clasp on one end. It sits in our bathroom cupboard and only gets taken down once a month. It is not heavy, but its weight is great. For it comes with obligations.

Remember The Meadow picture I told you about? The popcorn recipe I inherited from my dear in-laws? See here if you need a reminder.

As gracious as the Folks are, these things did not come without strings. Oh no, they did not. Not long after I became engaged to the Real Gil, I received the initiation into Life with the Black Box.

Inside, all cute and packaged freshly, were items I had never, ever used before.

Clippers. Attachments. Hair-cutting scissors.

And after the wedding, as I hung my She-man picture in our first home, as I popped our first bowl of kettle corn, I realized the obligation of the Black Box.

At first, it was simple and sweet. Real Gil would have a day off and I'd spend an hour trimming, combing, fingering, studying his head of forgiving curls. Not that difficult, really, especially when you have an amazing husband like I do. To be honest, the real concessions probably came from Real Gil's side of things, considering I was a young and ambitious bride with absolutely no experience with clippers. Real Gil had to put up with some pretty interesting haircuts. There were times, I'll admit, that I wanted to hand the man fifteen bucks and send him to Supercuts. I'm sure he would have kissed me happily and skipped out the door.

But then, I realized something one day as I was getting my own hair cut. The lovely lady eventually got around to the front of my face and as innocent as can be, had to stick her beautiful buxom self right at my eye level. I couldn't help but stare at her voluptuous chest. It was either that or mess up my bangs and I'm far too vain for that. Now, whenever I think of sending Real Gil to the barber, I remember that sweet hairstylist with her unwitting charm (two in particular) and I'm immediately motivated to get out the Box.

Then, the children started coming. And crawling. And spreading those lovingly shorn locks all over my floor. Now, I cut hair with at least two assistants. Real Gil is an amazing sport when it comes to three girls cutting, picking, pulling, and styling.

Today, however, something brilliantly new happened. If I was a feminist, I would be gleeful.

As the Little Guy climbed up to receive his haircut from Mama, Real Gil took the clippers.

See for yourself.

I'm off the hook, at least when it comes to this head of hair. My new job: handing out the lollipops, and taking pictures.

Then, it got downright silly around here. I think someone else just wanted a lollipop.

(Dear Brother-in-law James Glover, the photography superstar: Can you please teach me how to Photoshop that basket of laundry out of my picture? Oh yes, that's what I get to do after typing this insanity. Maybe that's why I'm still typing...)

So, we gave the Pops a lollipop and told him to sit still.

And with the talk of lollipops floating around this house, our next victim took the bait.

Now if only I can get someone to do my highlights for me...



Jill Guinness said...

Hi Karen - - I LOVE your blog~ ! Yep, I've got a black box - - it's really a zip lock bag with the razor in it. I bit the bullet and cut Nathan's hair (and sometimes Joel's too). One of those "labor of love" frugal things!

Karen said...

Jill Guinness! The proud mother of three! And soon to be cutting three beautiful heads of hair! So glad to "hear your voice" in the comments. You made my night! Glad you are here to add your wisdom to the insanity called my life. I'm relieved to know someone else has the "black box" (which if I was a really good and creative friend, I'd send you a real one to replace the Ziploc.).

Kris said...

Hey, Craig's next day off we are coming over for haircuts and lollipops. Man he's good!

Karen said...

Every house needs a resident barber, don't you think, Sis? Come over any time! :) K

Karen June Miller said...

Very sweet post, Karen! I have enjoyed my visit!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Stop by my blog to enter my Harney and Son's "Irish Breakfast Tea" Giveaway. Just post a comment.

Best Blessings, KJ

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Normally I do not promote my giveaways on WFMW comments (or any other comment for that matter) BUT I am giving away a fabulous haircutting device on my organizing blog that cuts down on all the mess of using clippers! Here is the link if you are interested

We have been cutting our boys hair since they were little too.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I was nervous when my husband asked me to cut his hair, too! But, he pointed out that the difference betweeen a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks, and I got the hang of it soon enough!

We cut our children's hair (usually me, but lately my husband has been cutting the boys' hair) and my husband cuts mine.

I eventually went to a beauty supply store and bought an adult sized-cape and a child sized cape for haircuts. They stay in place better than towels and make haircuts a bit more modest.