Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dust Bunnies, Part Two

We had small group on Thursday night. As always, it was full of laughter and lessons.

And beforehand, as always, I tried to clean the house. (Key word: tried) This is nothing new or earth-shattering. My frantic antics are legendary around here. But there's something about having the pastor come for an observation that kicks your cleaning into high gear.

Do you remember this from a few weeks ago?

"Pastor John is coming to observe our group" announces the answering machine as we pile in the back door from morning Bible study. It makes perfect sense, then, that I had to climb into our bathtub and scrub the porcelain this afternoon. Never mind that my dear children might have been bathing with small particles of sand rubbing their cute, angelic rears lately, or that the washrags used as doll blankets might have been begging for replacements two days ago. My children alone were not motivation, it required some external catalyst...like a pastor coming to evaluate.

Of course, it's all about rest. (ah-hem) Rest time, that is. For the two-year old. So I can get back to this focus on
me cleaning. As I turn on the battery-powered candles and throw simple food at my family tonight, I'm wondering if I need medication. Or just a simple turning. Deep breath. And a turn back to He who desires the glory in this house. I'm gladly giving it to Him, and trusting Him with the not-so-fresh hand towels in the bathroom (Oh yes, I just flipped them...Granny taught me that trick.). And here we are at three 0'clock. Smiling genuinely now, resting with the dust bunnies still under my bed (as if our pastor is going to get down on his stomach and look), and off to cook real dinner.

Well, fast forward to this week.

Other than me forgetting to hide my damp bra that was drying in a not-so-obscure place, it all went without a hitch. Fellowship, laughter, and the life-giving Word.

Then, I discovered this:

Such freedom I have found! I'm embracing the dust bunnies. And wondering if this will make it into PJ's official evaluation. If so, I can explain.

But the real question is, can HE explain?


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