Thursday, February 18, 2010

Frantic Antics

Tonight is community group. It is at our home because 1) we have a bonus room for all the parents (while the monopolizing children run-a-muck downstairs); and 2) it forces me to clean my house.

The frantic antics of a former perfectionist were in full power today. If you would have liked to observe the scramblings for self-effort, they were well underway right around 2:00. They usually are on the first and third Thursdays of the month.

Pastor John is coming to observe our group announces the answering machine as we pile in the back door from morning Biblestudy. It makes perfect sense, then, that I had to climb into our bathtub and scrub the porcelain this afternoon. Never mind that my dear children might have been bathing with small particles of sand rubbing their cute, angelic rears lately, or that the washrags used as doll blankets might have been begging for replacements two days ago. Of course, it's all about rest. (ah-hem) Rest time, that is. For the two-year old. So I can get back to this focus on me cleaning.

As I turn on the battery-powered candles and throw simple food at my family tonight, I'm wondering if I need medication. Or just a simple turning.

Deep breath. And a turn back to He who desires the glory in this house. I'm gladly giving it to Him, and trusting Him with the not-so-fresh hand towels in the bathroom (Oh yes, I just flipped them...Granny taught me that trick.). And here we are at three 0'clock. I'm laugh-blogging about it all. I made that word up. Laugh-blogging. It's different than laugh-out-loud-blogging. I'm far too refined for that. More of a smirk-blog which is not a sin if you're smirking at yourself.

Smiling genuinely now, resting with the dust bunnies still under my bed (as if our pastor is going to get down on his stomach and look under my bed.), and off to cook real dinner.

Can you relate to this Martha moment?

Hoping to Choose the Better Tonight,

P.S. Is it still okay to mop before 5:30? I'm going for it. But with no ulterior motives now. The supermom cape is happily stowed away until next Thursday afternoon.


Karen June Miller said...

Yes, I relate to this. I am so busy with my business, ministry, and Christian Performing Arts duties... Sometimes, a the visit of a guest or an event at my home puts me into Martha mode. Then, about half way through it, I regain my senses and start to edit my list— only cleaning the things people will actually see. Even with that, I am learning— at age 52— that my attention to most details will go largely unnoticed by most people.

Thanks for sharing, KJ

Karen said...


Yes, "most details will go largely unnoticed by most people." I love that! And I'll be trying to remember that the most important things are hearts, especially those inclined to our Father.

Many blessings. Thank you for visiting this rookie blogger!:)