Sunday, February 28, 2010

Advice to Grandma

Real Gil and I are outta here. We're going to this beach. And we're going to watch Westmont College whollop Azusa Pacific. See you all in a week. I'll be full of fresh writing ideas and blog posts in seven days...maybe.

If you live near us and you want to offer condolences support to my mother-in-law and mother, they're the innocent victims optimistic grandmas holding down the fort.

I've done my part. The sheets are fresh, the fridge is stocked, and all marbles are in storage. Oh, and of course, there's a bag of jelly beans for bribery. It's all in the jelly beans.

What pertinent information would you leave a grandma if you were going out of town? (I can't wait to read your comments!)



Anonymous said...

Our rule has always been-Spoil them rotten, but if you do too good a job they will be living with you when they hit 13. Have a fabulous time! K

Karen said...

Perfect! I'm writing these all down verbatim.