Friday, February 19, 2010

My dilemma

Apparently, it is time to wash the windows around here.

During dinner yesterday, Real Gil noticed this:

Yes, I know this picture does very little to explain. In fact, this post might be better off without my shots. James Glover I am not.

It's bird fluff. And it's so sweetly stuck to our kitchen window. When the wind blew last night, we watched it flutter. I was shocked it was still stuck to the window this morning - and promptly took a picture of it for your reading pleasure. (The worst part of this story is that I took close-up pictures and then walked away without cleaning the nastiness.)

Every once in a while, we hear the telltale thump of an unsuspecting bird smacking the window. The dustpan has gently scooped more than one pane-flattened victim. One received emergency medical care and heartfelt prayers from Punkin; to our great relief, the little sparrow flittered away on weak wings (perhaps to die in peace?).

Here's my dilemma: do I clean the windows like the domestic control freak that I can be and traumatize little eyes with the natural influx in innocent bird smack-downs? Or do I leave the windows unwashed and hope no one notices the slobber, handprints, and occasional bird fluff?

Resting (with bird fluff still fluttering bravely),

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