Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Haz-mat suit is all put away. Considering it all, I'm counting our losses as surprisingly minimal: one package of baby wipes, one breakfast, and of course, one marble (I wasn't ABOUT to wash it and keep it, thank you very much.).

Someone asked us if we wanted to try geocaching and I don't know...hunting for treasure just doesn't seem to hold the appeal it used to. I sorta feel like we've been there, done that. And we didn't even need a GPS.

On another note, one panicked email to Real Gil was finally replied to this morning. After telling me how hilarious the marble story was - Humph. Hilarious?! Really?! I was going more for disgusting. Revolting. Oh you poor thing, let me jump on a plane and rescue you...- he gave me a welcomed update.

The facts are that he's glad he packed the Immodium, he's seen the Taj Mahal, and bartered on the streets of India. He wishes he had toilet paper.

And I'm happy sorry to say he's miserably homesick.

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Ms. Meo said...

Glad everything turned out all right. Good thing for toddler guts that move things through quickly, right? :)

Hope that the next few days until Craig returns are quick and uneventful! Let's just say you are a nicer wife than I...