Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chubby, Busy Fingers

Here's the evidence...

Found on one chubby's door:

With these three smug mugs peeking out:

They felt a little bad about excluding me. So, they posted their compromise on my bedroom door.
I had to laugh. Following their trail is like following the pig to the pancake...the evidence continued to pile up. Literally.

to which I nodded satisfactorily. Nice placement, well-rolled.

to which I called Real Gil in to share the laugh.
Every girl deserves a crown and a boa.

Hope you are enjoying evidences of chubby fingers today!



Brandi said...

Oh, I loved seeing those precious faces! They are getting so big and mischevious!

James, Jenny, Nathan, & Luke Glover II said...

Well rolled is right, love it.