Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Swim Suit Solutions!

I obviously do not get paid to promote any business. You have to be able to write REAL and grammatically correct sentences, and you to have more than three non-family-member readers to do that.

But I don't care if they give me a single dime. I have found the greatest website for swim suits. Have you heard of Lime Ricki Swimwear?

With Springtime approaching and the release of their new line of swimwear, I'm actually looking forward to wearing a swimsuit. If you live around me, I'm getting one so if you want to matchy-matchy, the answer is simple. NO. I am a recovering identical twin who does not match anything unless it comes with a hair bow and Mary Janes. I know you want to look like me, but I draw the line here (and so will you, when you see me in a swimsuit) so don't meet me at the pool in this swimsuit, I claim it already.

Now, if only I looked like the model in the doggone thing...

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

so looking forward to the beach this summer. Just got back from Tahoe-there's still a few feet of snow on the sand. Summer can't come soon enough. k

Kris said...

You stole my chosen baby girl name (& it doesn't matter that I only had boys) so I might have to steal this find. What if I promise to move to another continent to wear it?
twin sister

Denise Marie said...

that is really cute and I think we should all go this way. lol

Karen said...

Dear Identical Twin Sister (Kris), You can match me. Actually, you can have first dibs on this swimsuit shopping expedition. Whatever looks good on you will look okay on me. And whatever looks bad on you will help me be a better shopper! Just kidding. And if it took matching to keep you from moving to another continent, I'd even go so far as to throw in the Mary Janes and hairbows. Only for you! :) Your scary clone