Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dollar Store Rejects

While the men were off bonding with the monster trucks, we women did what we do best: shop.

At the Dollar Store.

My girls each had $2 from Gramma and off they went. I picked these up for myself since I have yet to find comfortable ear buds for my ipod. I'm not sure why I thought that my odds were better at the Dollar Store.

Tonight, I pulled them out and found this inside:

Oh yes, they're lightweight and comfortable. Good to know. With a 48-inch cord. Convenient, I say. Compatible with all MP3 players. That's fantastic. What's that? A warning?

This product contains chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.

Really?! Really???

I'm prepared to wash my hands after I handle raw meat, or steer a germy grocery cart through the Target aisles. But after I touch the earbuds?!

Guess that's why they're at the Dollar Store, eh?

Guess what else is at the Dollar Store?

Standing in line at the checkout, I noticed they have pregnancy tests for sale. For one dollar. That, my friends, is a screaming deal. Just make sure to read the small print.



Jill Guinness said...

OK Karen - - this kills me!! (Not in a Cancer kind of way) How funny! I forwarded this onto Lauren Overbeek - - cuz she bought out the Bellevue supply of dollar store pregnancy tests and they confirmed..... yes.... they are pregnant! (13 weeks, I think) Yeah Overbeeks! We can't wait for another one just like you guys! It is amazing to think that pregnancy tests can be just $1.

Jill Guinness said...

Oh yeah... one more thing. So, we'll wash our hands after handling... but will we wash out our ears after wearing?! I guess we'd better!

Karen said...

Jill, you crack me up! Glad it appears to be mutual. And I'm glad you get my Dollar Store humor. :) But I must clarify something...I am NOT pregnant. Just in case dear hubby is reading this, yes indeed, we are a family of three Littles. No bombs dropped via the blog. :) So the question is,...are the Guinnesses?!!! Love You, Girl! -K P.S.Congrats to Lauren!