Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nerf War!

One great thing about being in our family is holidays and birthdays. As much as I enjoy all the hoopla surrounding a good party, I do not enjoy capturing those moments and making them into sweet memories. Good news for me, not only did I marry into the family with good recipes and woman-with-man-hands pictures. I married into a family that has this guy:

Now, if you ever see us on vacation and you wonder to yourself, Hmmm...are they celebrities? The answer is no. Well, maybe we are. If you want to make me feel good. But we should clarify. We do not have a member of the paparazzi following us around. We just have James Glover, amazing photographer and - what? Oh! That's convenient! - family member.

There's been a few birthdays around here lately, and the Nephews' Nerf War was the best. You've heard me rave about brother-in-law's photography, and thankfully, he likes to take pictures of his boys. That means we got crazy good pictures of said Nerf War.

If you haven't met the Nephews yet, here they are.

Aren't they cute? Makes this auntie want to pinch a few cheeks and smack some sloppy wet kissed on their foreheads. Don't they look sweet? They are. And they never fight with one another...

Unless you give them a Nerf gun. (Or take their candy or rip their homework or break their stuff or...well, you get the point. They're pretty normal adolescents.)

When we heard about Mason and the Largest Nerf Party Ever over at That Family, we jumped on that bandwagon real quick. Prayers continue to be raised in this house for Mighty Mason, but we also think it's okay to raise Nerf guns too. Do you agree, Mr. Mason? We hope so! Because it was a doggone good time around here. The only thing that would have made it better is if we could have had THE Mason party-planner-extraordinaire there to share the fun with.

So, happy birthday, Mason! Hope your Nerf Party was as fun as ours!

A Family of Trigger-Happy Nerf-ers

*All photos copyrighted James Glover Photography. Like you didn't know THAT yet.


Tammy said...

Looks like some serious Nerf fun was had by all! We had a blast at our place too!

Michelle said...

Awesome Nerf party!

Kristen said...

What a great party! It rained on ours and we moved it inside-but this is EXACTLY what I was envisioning! How fun. Thanks for joining in.

Catherine B said...

We certainly agree - raising nerf guns is a great way to celebrate! Thanks for joining in on the party - yours looked like a great outdoor event!

Catherine (Mighty Mason's Mom)