Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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I love my "Christmas desk" - the one Real Gil made for me. It was the perfect gift for a book worm like me. It's homemade, rustic, and full of sentiment. The very wood started as a tree on my parents' mountain property.

Real Gil was rather smart in building it because he can walk by it every day and comfort himself: yes, I have turquoise walls in my bedroom and a chandelier hanging on a birdcage hook...

...but with that desk, at least she'll never want to move from this house. Which means he doesn't have to move the heaviest treadmill in the whole wide world.

I was so proud the day he completed it.

And he was so proud the day he carried in this printer - big, bulky, and efficient - into our bedroom. (Efficient is key here - it doesn't even print in color because that's a conspiracy by the printer manufacturers to get you to use colored ink cartridges.)

Hmmm....I tried my best not to say anything. After all, he has to put up with all the garage-sale treasures I haul into this house. And we haven't been married for twelve years for nothing. I've learned a few things in my day, primarily that we need a printer, he's not going to let me spray paint it brown, and it's an eyesore.
So, I waited until he went to work, and kids were occupied. I blew the dust off the sewing machine, gave myself an anti-anxiety pep talk, and made super crooked curtains.But I think crooked curtains go with my crooked wall decor - as a former geometry teacher, this wall of frames is bringing out a new obsessive/compulsive behavior in me. Get me the level and a tape measure, please.

But as long as you don't look too closely at the curtains or the walls, this bedroom is perfect. That's mediocre at it's best, but that works for me today!

Resting in Him,

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Meg said...

The desk is awesome! I love the baskets hanging from it. And you did a great job on the curtains! Crooked?? No way!