Monday, August 30, 2010

Revenge for that Goldilocks Debacle

When you...

...go really expensive steaks...rub perfectly balanced steak rub on them...husk the corn...saute the snap peas...skillet the potatoes...toss the salad...set the picnic table...add the condiments (steak sauce, ketchup, salt, a cube of butter)...sit down to pray over the steaming plates...grab fork and knife and prepare for that first bite...'re just asking for it.

Or so the official campground-man-on-a-golf-cart informed me with little to no sympathy.

"That bear charged our picnic table...while we were sitting at it," I insisted.

"Didn't you see the signs?" he asked.

Yeah, I also saw the picnic table. Guess I thought it was okay to actually eat while camping.

After the bears gorged themselves on everything from steaks to a bottle of ketchup and a salt shaker, we have officially learned our lesson.

From now on, we are eating inside the bear box.


Erica said...

we camped at Blue Lakes last weekend and a bear got in to my car (no bear boxes there!) and ate out food and then honked the horn on the way out.

Sorry about your dinner!

Alicia Eastvold said...

This is absolutely hilarious!