Monday, August 9, 2010

Playing the Odds...

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I'm gearing up for this.

The squirming of children, mostly trying to please me with their mechanical answers, "Je-sus...Wait, no. God!...Moses?" There's always the smart-aleck that adds, "Nebuchadnezzar."

It's going to be a week of heat, boogers, and lots of fun as we kick off Vacation Bible School at our church. My official title is something along the lines of this teacher in the picture, right down to the corset and coiffed hair. Kids just see me and they mumble "Je-sus" not because I am so downright holy, but because I grill them with questions and they definitely play the odds.

But so do I. I'm playing the odds when I wear a skirt and hope there's no reason that will be a huge mistake, like if some wicked child pulls the chair out from under me or I slip on watermelon rind and flash the world around me. I'm also playing the odds anytime I talk to sixth-graders. Especially the ones who ask what circumcised is just to have a chance to say the word out loud in front of their peers.

But there's more than odds at work here. I'm trusting in a loving Father that wants to pour into these little ones' lives, even if they do answer "Je-sus" to everything. After all, Jesus is the answer to everything! Looking forward to the refreshment and refocus they bring to me...and the chance to watch His perfect odds win out.

Resting in the Chaos,

P.S. Posting this week might be sporadic because of this. I appreciate your patience, I will write again when I get all the Cheez-Whiz out of my hair...

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