Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Brandi on Bedrest, Week 2

Praying for you and Baby Boy has been such a privilege. Thank you for the opportunity...At 28 weeks, I figure you only have 10 more weeks of me writing you personal blog posts. :) Enjoy the hospital food, and a few articles I found for you.

Much Love,
  • We are Narnia fans around here. And this link has a free audio version of the series. It might be perfect for a long car ride, or bedtime at your house.
  • A great article about aging - a theology of jiggly thighs.
  • Having only recently discovered this blog, I thought you might like to read one of his articles, Did Jesus Teach Legalism?
  • I am definitely against the Christian patriarchy movement, in most of its elements. I won't go into it, but if you want to check out this blog from a man who has left the movement, you will see his discernment and new-found freedom in Christ.
  • Oh my goodness, I need to get me some rusty wagons!
  • Check out this gifted gal's home - much to Real Gil's dismay, I'm stealing lots of ideas.
  • And Brandi, if you are still looking at what to read, here's what one girl did to her stairs and about 100 other ladies' creative ideas for their houses. That should keep you occupied for a little while!
  • A lot of homeschool parents use the "isolation" method to protect their kids from "the world." (This, I believe, is oft times why homeschooled kids appear to be socially immature.) This is not our approach at all. If anything, I want the Berger Academy to be a place where we explore and serve and love on those in our community, our neighborhood, and our world. One woman's look at Proverbs 31 shows that the virtuous woman (if she was a real woman at all) and her husband were involved in their community.

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