Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Namesakes Meet

Bear hugs fly all around. Excitement bubbles and my voice raises an octave. "You haven't changed a bit! Mother of four??!...Well, helllllo, Beautiful Girl. You have changed...And who is this?" I lower my voice to a whisper as this one leans in with dimples.

Kids present themselves timid, hiding behind their mama's legs. Then, in the snap of a finger, they throw off their inhibitions and throw on costumes.

New babies melt our hearts as we introduce newest members of each family. It's loud and chaotic and the fellowship of the saints. I can almost hear the memories and messes being made as I'm cutting and pasting the pictures into this post.

Our little man studies the man who keeps answering to his name, and warms to him quickly.

Even pounces on him like boys can.

And we're already planning how to make it happen again.

Isn't it beautiful when the Body gives little glimpses, teasers, of what will be? I'm relishing the thought of that perfect reunion, with no more good-byes at the end of the weekend.

Resting in Him Who Will End Good-Byes,

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