Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Was in the Box

Confession time: I love Amazon.

I know that this is a sin. Or so I'm told. I should really be ordering my books through some Christian website, but let's face it - some of those are just downright weird. And the normal ones don't have free shipping. So, I order from Amazon.

My kids scream with delight when Shelley the Postlady knocks on our door. It's always a good sign - either there's something in the box for my kids, or there's something in the box that makes Mama happy enough to dole out Oreos BEFORE lunch so she can peruse in peace. Here's what was in the box:

3 of these...if your birthday is coming up,
you're probably getting one of these suckers from me.
I love this book. I have already read the thing
in a bookstore, my shoulders shaking with tears coming down my face.
The lady next to me thought the book was deep and religious and convicting.
That made me look deep and religious and spiritual so
I didn't correct her assumption.
But I wasn't upset, I was just laughing.
Get yourself one.

Last year's Christmas season was my favorite ever,
partly because we read Jotham's Journey as a family.
Here is the newest in the series...
makes me want to put up the Christmas tree
and light a fire in the fireplace.

This one sounds controversial and you know, I'm always good for that.
And it's written by a gal who lives in a small town in Tennessee where half of my husband's family lives, smack dab in the buckle of the Bible belt.
With a book title like that, this girl is buh-rave.

Okay, this wasn't actually in the box.
But they have designer duct tape at Amazon
and I'm going to get me some in the next box.

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