Sunday, September 19, 2010

Twenties Alumni

There's no euphemism for thirty-two.

"Barely thirty" doesn't quite cut it anymore. Both feet are in. I'm officially a Twenties Alumni.

But I had a great birthday.

I finished laundry (the gift to myself - empty laundry baskets!), treasured memories from our Idaho trip (more to come later this week), and unwrapped one of these necklaces from Real Gil.

And I watched my daughter score her first goal ever at soccer. I'm pretty sure my victory dance was inappropriate and completely contradictory to everything I usually stand for. But it was my birthday so I did it anyways.

Best of all, Real Gil gave me a porch swing, the playground for old people. In every home we've ever owned, we had a porch swing. It's perfect. I'm pretty sure I even suffered a little motion sickness while trying to read a book on it today.

My kids love it too...

Resting in the Ageless One,


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :-) Love the necklace.

Anonymous said...

You just don't seem the type to name your children jade,sienna, and kai...
Did you know you're 2 days older than me? Let's just not talk about all those years between.
I'm sure you enjoyed the empty laundry baskets for about 10 minutes. If the kids put the dirty laundry under the bed, the baskets stay empty even longer. I suppose they considered it a gift. K