Wednesday, September 22, 2010


An assortment of links, a mishmash, a hash, a pastiche, a collection, if you will. (Thank you, Mr. Thesaurus.)
  • If you are feeling crafty, Cathe has a great idea (if I had a nickel for every time I said that...) to enlarge funny household items and use them in your home decor. Too bad I don't have a color printer anymore. If you feel so inclined to make me a few of these, I'll humbly receive them.

  • If you aren't feeling particularly crafty but your children are, I have THE website for you: It'll cost you a few calories to press print and hand the kids some scissors and glue sticks, but after that, you're golden. My kids spent hours this week working on paper toy projects. Around our house, you will find these well-loved creations, and you might even find my own attempts scattered about.
  • If you aren't feeling crafty, but you want to use brain cells while also engaging your children, check out this website dedicated to teaching children the fine art of playground clapping. Fun, fun!
  • If I haven't found you a link yet, perhaps you should just go put your feet up and sip a cup of coffee. To do that, first get your little ones going on this site (My two- and three-year olds call it the "clicking game" and love to explore.). Get your older ones going on one of my new favorites, this FREE website that teaches phonics with great games, books, activities, and tons of other resources. It's a new favorite around here, thanks to for sharing the link.

  • If you want to shop, I would like a few of these. It's almost enough of a reason to quit home schooling, just so I could leave messages on little talkatoos strapped to kids' backpacks.
  • If you're looking for something a bit more spiritual, I have a quick read here with Heather-Hendricks-from-Texas-but-now-in-Haiti-because-then-her-name-could-be-Heather-Hendricks-of-Haiti and what could be cooler than that? Or if you want another, here's Eric's article, titled "The Myth of the Lukewarm Christian." Fantastic stuff here.
  • If you have been on Facebook, you've already seen this video, I'm sure. If not, it's worth watching. (Please note that the quotation at the end of the video is not a Bible verse, but it is appropriate!) How can we not be moved when armed forces surprise their families with homecomings? Enjoy. And get a box of tissues.

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