Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pillow Revenge

Life around here is a bit chaotic today. There are five children running around, and two of them are naked nephews who don't like to wear clothes.

Here are the nephews with Little Man, fully dressed. This photo was NOT taken today, of course. That would require I chase them down, wrestle them into their clothes and then try to get them to stop crying for Auntie's camera.

[I hear the courtroom dialogue in my mind when I see this picture: Are they really in an very tight, enclosed space? Yes. I take full responsibility for coercing them into the dog crate. Are they really smiling? Yes. Duh. Anything Auntie does is fun. After the photo shoot, did said children actually ask you to lock the door? Yes. Did you do so? Yes, I did. Why? Uh, would you say no to children with those charming faces? No rhetorical questions are necessary, Miss Karen. Did they cry? Only when I walked away with my cell phone on my shoulder and forgot to unlock the crate. Okay, that part is just a joke. I definitely unlocked the door, but they played for about twenty minutes in there together until the big, hairy tenant of the crate came home.]

Imagine these cute little nephews without clothes on. It's sorta scary, sorta sweet. And it's fine by me, except Sugs (age 3) keeps asking them to "put [their] bottoms away." Punkin (age 6) added her own demand: "Don't sit on my pillow." I echoed her request. No little naked rears are allowed on my bed.

Which got me laughing because the girl in this picture used to totally disobey that rule.

And rub her little booty all over my poor, innocent pillow.

Yes, she did.

And now, I'm telling the whole world about it. (Well, approximately 20 people.)

In sisterly love, of course.

So, Little Sis, it's time to come clean. You did it, we know it, and I probably deserved it. But still, I can't help getting suspicious every time I lay my head on a foreign pillow. Has this fluffy, sweet bit of plushness been exposed to hiney revenge?

Officially, I am now apologizing for all the mean, big sister things I did to you. Taking the remote control away from you without asking, making you wait for the bathroom while I curled my hair in the mornings, even that "funny" speech I gave at your wedding. I really am sorry, Sis. And my apology may or may not include posting the above picture of you and hubby. Do you forgive me?

Because I forgive you...even if I'm still haunted.

And speaking of little hineys and revenge, the two naked nephews decided to take revenge on the Little Man who kept taking their bikes. How better to take revenge than to slip things down his diaper while he is bending over, digging in the sand?

By the time I stopped the madness, there was quite a collection getting
comfortable in his "super-snug fit with all-around stretch" Huggies.


I won't even mention what I did when I discovered the two marbles in his diaper. That brought on a nightmarish flashback to times never to be revisited (except if you click on the link in this post).

The love in this family is incredible, I must say. And so are the creative revenge tactics around here. [wicked laugh] Take that as a simple warning, dear sis. When you wake up with marbles in your underwear, you'll know who got you back. There are advantages to being at home all day with little ones - you get great prank ideas.

Resting in Him,

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