Saturday, May 29, 2010

When Couch Potatoes Grow Roots

The weather has finally turned around here...but my kids are still feeling a bit puny so we've done a lot of snuggling, a lot of homeschooling, and - I admit - a lot of TV. I suggested that we go to the playground and they coughed, snotted, and refused me. So, we sit...

I grew up reading the Shel Silverstein poem about the little boy who watched so much TV that he grew antennae out of his head and an electric cord out his butt, so they plugged him in and watched HIM. Did you ever read that poem? It always haunted me as a kid and just this week, I started wondering if it could really happen... So far, no one shows signs of needing a good wall outlet. In this modern day and age, to stretch the poem even further, I must wonder when I'm going to start growing a USB cable and a computer mouse off my right hand.

When I haven't been reading to kids or cooking for kids or folding their laundry this week - can you relate?!!! - I have been checking out the following links.
  • Memorial Day means so much more to us now that Uncle Steve is leading a platoon in Afghanistan. This is an article about where some of our valiant veterans are resting.
  • After 74 years of marriage in Hollywood, the man deserves our respect. Job well done, Art Linkletter!
  • What one working mother discovered about stay-at-home mothering. So thankful that whether we are working moms or stay-at-home moms, God is merciful and good, and in my own life, I've watched Him faithfully "fill in the gaps" I've overlooked in parenting.
  • Funny top-tens abound here, if you are so inclined. One funny guy, lots of funny, wholesome lists.
  • A 100-year old doctor! Would you let him treat YOU?
  • I love flea market decor. If you do, check out this link. I want her stairs. That's coveting, I know.
  • What one New York City hotel did for a couple of love birds.
I hope you are enjoying Spring and sunshine and family and most of all, Jesus Christ, who gives life to each moment.

Resting in Him,

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