Thursday, May 27, 2010

Once Upon a Potty

...we all giggle, don't we?

I can't remember a time when my children laughed that I didn't at least smile. Unless they were laughing at me. Then I pout.

Like her.

As I was cooking today, I heard Punkin reading to the Little Man and had to grab the camera when I heard the giggle. It prompted a smile, of course, and a little investigation.

Sorry about the inundation of home videos this week. Must be all the cold medicine making me loopy. But I do hope you are enjoying giggles with your special ones today.

Resting in Him,

1 comment:

Kim said...

What a little lady not wanting to read those words! My two year-old and I's favorite joke is calling shampoo "shampoopoo" during bath time. It never gets old for him, and I must admit, even when I try to roll my eyes I always end up laughing. He uses my shampoo sometimes and calls it "Mommy's shampoopoo," but the other day he got confused and just called it "Mommy's farts!" You have to love potty humor!