Sunday, May 9, 2010

Genuine Hospitality - Hostess in Training

This weekend, Real Gil was off to his boys' weekend and the dust (and toddler tears) had hardly settled when I started preparing for three unknown house guests.

Our church had a women's college choir come sing this weekend and our family was blessed by having three of these delightful ladies stay in our home.

With my arm tapping a beat on her shoulder in church, Punkin' looked up at me midway through their concert with wide eyes. "Three of them are going to stay with us?!"

Sugs wasn't far behind her big sister, quickly whispering none-too-softly, "Can I try on their sparkly dresses?"

The ladies did not disappoint.

They played Duck, Duck, Goose...

And many rounds of Hike and Seek. I was so proud of my clean house...until they started hiding behind the dusty curtain panels!

I also invited a mother-teen-daughter duo from our church to come hang out with the girls, knowing the teenage daughter would enjoy a younger group of Christian girls. Before long, sweet Allison (my teenage "sister") was teaching them Jugular Ninja. I told them that I felt so YOUNG in their presence! And they laughed at my jokes! The exhilaration was sweet. I didn't have to make goofy faces, tickle toes, or zerbert anyone's belly to provoke these responses.

One other thing I noticed as we hung out together - the only awkward moments of their stay were when I was trying to play "good hostess". There are fresh razors and soap bars on the counter, sounded like I was hinting that they needed fresh razors and soap bars. Definitely awkward. Even my stilted attempts at conversation fell flat when I tried - Oh, what is your major? How many siblings do you have? As if they haven't answered these questions a hundred times in the last two weeks.

Do you know what ultimately relaxed our initial awkward moments? I went into the kitchen and started chopping nuts for a future meal. The girls all sat around on kitchen bar stools and visited with Allison and her mother. While I was busy putting little ones to bed, they laughed and unwound from an eight-hour bus ride. Allison slapped sandwiches together from food she scrounged up in the fridge, and all was comfortable, home-y.

Dare I say, they didn't need me?!!

In fact, it seemed that when I occupied my hands with busy work, either they joined in by chopping food along with me, or didn't feel so "studied" with direct eye contact and just relaxed. Either activity seemed to free them up to just visit as sisters in Christ.

I'm sure some Communications expert could tell you the full dynamics that contributed to our fellowship, but this amateur will make it plain - we had fun. And stayed up way too late. I'm not sure I've ever felt this drowsy on Mother's Day. Oh wait, yes, I have. Pretty much every year. But I digress...

This morning, I vacillated between cool hostess ("Hot breakfast if you want it in the kitchen. No, I didn't slave over that. I just threw it together while it was still dark...") and overprotective mother hen ("Okay, here's the map and the keys to the truck. Wear your seatbelts, and call me if you get lost. Melissa, you need a jacket. Here's my old lady one. Natalie, at least eat a banana.").

Now, all is quiet, and I'm looking for other foods to chop tonight when they return. And practicing my Ninja moves. Look out, girls.

Resting in Christ,

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Kim said...

I don't know how you do it all. I mean, do you really have kids?

Sounds like a great weekend though. There is nothing like silly girl time.

Mabye you could make salsa... that ought to keep you chopping all night!