Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fruit Shake Ambrosia

With hot weather on its way, our family usually gets the blender out and starts concocting various smoothie recipes. Sometimes, if we eat a really big lunch at Grandma's house (never at my house - my idea of "big lunch" is a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with carrot sticks), we have them for dinner.

Punkin told me this week that the fruit shake was perfect. So, here is our recipe, if you want to try it at your house. If drinking your dinner doesn't sound appetizing, you can sprinkle granola on this or serve it alongside a waffle. I even forgo the syrup and use the smoothie for sweet on my waffle. Weird. I know. What would have been weirder is if I had taken a picture of my own purple face after a fruit shake. Anyways, enough talking. Here's the recipe.

Karen's Fruit Smoothies
1-2 cups of milk (any kind, even rice milk)
1-2 cups frozen strawberries (I don't cut these, I just throw them in and watch the blender smoke.)
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 fresh orange, peeled
A small sprinkling of Stevia or other natural sweetener
1/4 cup of Nestle Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla flavor (Optional, but not really.)

Blend and enjoy.

Oh, and if you are making these for toddlers, you might want to add more liquid to their cup so they can drink it with a straw and - here's the important part - a lid. Thick, purple smoothie doesn't look so great on white carpet.

Happy Thursday to you all!

Resting in Him,

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