Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend Reading

Wildness abounds around here, lately.

It's been a fun wildness too. Lots of guests in our home, lots of late nights, and I wouldn't trade any of them, especially last night when three "older women" hung out with three "young women" and three kids (my own).

These roles reversed as the night went on - the little ones were wise and went to bed at a reasonable hour like good adults, the teenagers were wearing toddler dress-up clothes at one point and drinking from little kid sippy-cups.

...and I - an older woman, if you wondered which category I belonged in - had resorted to my cooler, funner teen years, staying up way too late and trying to impress the girls with my cool teen jargon (That's radical! If you want to laugh at a girl who was trying to be hip, watch this video. It had me laughing today...mostly at her...and myself trying to be hip.). We talked, laughed, played games, put little ones to bed, and laughed a lot more. I'll tell more about that tomorrow. But I have a feeling these crazy fellowship nights are coming to an end today...because we have three snot-nosed kids. And nothing scares cute teenagers away quite like toddler boogers.

In the meantime, here are a few articles or links that I have appreciated this week.
  • Do you need a few frozen meals in your freezer for hungry mouths? Try this great link for making homemade burritos for your family. I'm gonna get my act together someday and do it. They look so easy and actually pretty tasty.
  • Leaf humor - just for fun!
  • Read this article if you are interested in why we do not ascribe to the popular "Family-Driven Faith." I'd like to call us a "Faith-Driven Family" instead.
  • Although I am not a parent of teens, I am definitely working with them a lot lately. It's been a blast! So, here is a short list on life rules for teenagers.
  • If I was even a little bit crafty, I would make this dress. As it is, I'll just appreciate it from afar and pretend that it is only time constraints, not personal ability, which inhibits me from duplicating it.
  • I go through spurts of inspiration when it comes to decorating my house. One major inspiration is a dear friend, Queen K, who never stops decorating her house (or parenting her 14 kids). So, thanks to her, I feel the decorating bug coming my way. Just imagine, readers, we might actually have a "before" and "after" post coming your way some day soon. In the meantime, you have got to check out one of my favorite interior design blogs.
I pray you are resting in Him alone who provides the best weekend reading ever.

Resting in Him and His Words,

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Kim said...

Sounds like yours is the happening place for teens!

Interesting article on family-driven faith, or not family-driven faith I guess I should say. It really is easy with kids to get sucked into your own little world, but this was a great reminder of the importance of community.

And I'm going to have to check out that interior design blog. We have been "about to move" for five years now... so our house is literally decorated in wedding gifts and not much else. I'm starting to go crazy!