Friday, April 9, 2010

Links That Perpetuated the Procrastination of Mopping

Do you remember PE in school? I always loved it...until the day they told us to climb the rope. I will have to do an entire blog post about me and that rope. It still causes me to quiver with shame and inadequacy. If you are a PE teacher, please, please, please let the little children just come to Jesus. No one needs to climb the stupid rope. This post had me laughing; apparently, the rope wasn't the only thing dreaded in PE.

Check this out - this website will show you all the speed traps in your city. I tried it even for our little town and it was right on. Not that I speed or anything, just an interesting read...

And this one. I've heard about this website intended to aid in social networking (whatever that means). Just for kicks, I typed in my name and found my profile. They had a lot of information about me and most of it was right. Some of it was not: as far as I know, I do not have grandchildren yet. They also said that our house was valued at $1 million dollars, we have a pool, and I enjoy bird-watching and collecting figurines. Really intriguing yet incorrect information. Like a fat, juicy rumor. I had to roll my eyes at these. BUT I really didn't want our information on there. To remove your name from the listing, go to the bottom of their home website and click on privacy. That'll do the trick.

And my favorite article from the week. Just great reminders all around.

A sobering, but eye-opening article from a woman who is trying to share Christ's love to children and teenagers caught in sex trafficking. A few times in reading, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief.

Praying for this man of God, that he enjoys this fast of 8 months. Probably every pastor in America needs one of these furloughs.

If you are interested in other links I have enjoyed, you can see a short list off to the right on my blog. Any of these will take you directly to links I have found interesting, uplifting, or maybe just a little bit weird.

Until Monday, happy mopping reading and driving the speed limit, my dears.


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