Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hopeless or Hopeful Saturday

Just this week, I read a very educated and intellectual author's discussion about the importance of the Resurrection. It was deep and maximized the few unused brain cells I had previously planned to use during egg-dying. But I'm flexible like that, and read it, pondered it. He posed many reasons why the Resurrection had to happen, and I liked every single one of them. But he never really mentioned Saturday. Not that he needed to, but this day has always confounded me.

If Friday is called "Good Friday" and Sunday is called "Resurrection Day," I might suggest Saturday be called "Hopeless Saturday." Does anybody else sense that this Saturday is kind of empty? We have activities we do on Good Friday and especially on Sunday, but what do we do on Saturday?

The disciples hid out, licked their wounds, bemoaned their "failures," and doubted their Leader. It truly was a hopeless Saturday, in every way.

But we're on the other side. And this year, I'm spending today reliving the goodness of yesterday and anticipating the hope of tomorrow. Forgiveness found and heaven coming. What a good place to be!

Sandwiched in between two of the most unbelievable events in history is today. Saturday. Perhaps God knew that our human minds would be completely overloaded if He didn't give a short interlude between the two dramatic acts.

Much like life around here, it seems like God is either bringing us through a very difficult time or revealing his amazing faithfulness (usually these go together, don't they?!), or we're in a season of waiting in between the two extremes.

I pray that your weekend is one of hope, no matter what you're going through. That Saturday might have been the most hopeless day on Earth for the disciples, but it doesn't have to be anymore. So, I change my mind. Maybe we should call it Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, and Hopeful Saturday.

Hope you have the time, energy, brain cells, and peace to take a moment and reflect on His goodness.


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