Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

How can Good Friday be good? For those of us who accept the gift, it is good.

Someone in our family who is not saved asked, "Why do we need a Savior?"

I'm so glad that we have One, and that we need One.

In place of my favorite links this weekend, I thought I would leave you with a few great Good Friday and Easter posts.

1. One cannot talk about Jesus in blog world without mentioning Amy Voskamp. She'll make you realize what a terrible writer I am, but it's worth it because she's full of wisdom, especially with this post. If you click on home on her site, you will see some footage she posted of Good Friday. I just couldn't get through it, but perhaps you are stronger than me, or will choose to reflect on Good Friday in this way.

2. Matt Maher is unbelievable. His words and humility are a fragrant offering to God. Here's his blog post on Good Friday, followed at the end by his new song, You Were on the Cross. My ever-changing but all-time favorite (yes, that's an oxymoron) worship song is his Christ is Risen. The lyrics, the music, it all will be shaking the walls of this house on Sunday morning.

3. Dead Man...Saved. So thankful that God's love is offered to all, says I!

4. A really light-hearted video that makes me feel better about my own parenting.

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