Friday, April 23, 2010

Your prayers appreciated.

How is it that we can grieve someone we don't really even know?

Please join me in praying for the family of Greg Stultz, one of "our guys" - the 20 men making up Uncle Steve's platoon. As we have prayed for them and sent them off with well wishes back in October, these men have become a true band of brothers in Afghanistan. Steve, my identical twin sister's husband and father to my two nephews, leads them with an amazing blend of humility and authority (so they tell us!). Serving in Afghanistan before the front lines even get there, we are all indebted to these men.

Won't you join me in praying for them as they continue with missions, for the Stultz family who will be laying their son to rest this weekend, and for my sister, Kris, who will be flying to Indiana to represent the Marine family at the funeral?


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