Thursday, January 28, 2010

Naughty Girl

Probably just like you, I resisted a cell phone. Like our parents and their parents, planning meeting places and carrying an accurate watch were my route.

However, I was not about to die on the altar of no-cell-phones. With surprising ease, I have slipped into the cell-phone club. And I like this club. I can't text and I have no idea why everyone writes LOL on things (I have been informed that LOL stands for Lots of Laughs, which I suppose is some surreal way of saying that in the middle of typing some sentence, I just bust up into hysterics. Not reality, my friends.). Knowing that, I would never text while driving. But the newest scheme in town is to outlaw cell phones as morally irresponsible while driving.

Here's what I understand... driving while talking on a cell phone increases your chances of an accident fourfold. It does not matter if you use a bluetooth. The new phrase is, "It's your head, not your hand, that is engaged with the cell phone." One hand or two does not seem to be the issue, it's the actual talking that seems to be the problem.

So, if we are going to outlaw cell phones because the brain is distracted while driving, I'd like to offer my own added bylaws.

No more of this...

And definitely no more of these.

Because if talking is the problem, I'm a complete car-driving moral failure.

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