Friday, January 15, 2010

A First

Having been a mom for a few years, but still a rookie when it comes to the strange world of boys, today held a monumental first for me.

It involved this little man...again. It usually does. Do you see it? Behind the sweet smile and big brown eyes?

Yes, it's that gleam of manhood just waiting to come out. And I saw a small glimmer of it. Or better yet, I felt it. On my leg. And I heard his grunting as he smiled wickedly at me. And tooted on me. Then laughed so hard he fell over. Of course once wasn't enough. He came back to me, quite proud of himself, sat down on my lap yet again, and repeated it: pushed hard and laughed when his rear end produced the satisfying vibrations he was going for.

What is a woman to do? My daughters are not perfectly mannered, but never, NEVER, have they pushed out their gas on me. On purpose.

A really cool mom would have done it back to him. I'm not that mom. Nor am I capable of being that mom. Namely because I cannot do such things on cue. But the weird thing is, I've never wanted to. Until now. If I could have, I would've.

A first for me. Enough said.

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Anonymous said...

My girls think that it's hilarious to Toot on me, they also like to do it in public so people wont hear them toot but they do it all the time at home, on purpose, and we both think it's hilarious!!!!!