Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Please pass the tea. To the stalker.

(And so it begins...)

Although two of you are my sisters and two of you are lifelong friends, the fact that you are reading this is humbling. And exciting. If we had virtual coffee, I'd offer you some. But as it is, I'm sitting here by myself listening to the dryer. And the quiet. As much as I miss Craig, I've got to admit that a full monopoly on the remote control is a pretty sweet consolation.

I stayed up WAY too late watching the first two installments of this.

Emma. It was GREAT. Now, I have to wait until Sunday night for the last two installments to air on PBS (Masterpiece Theater).

What's on the docket for tonight?

Wives and Daughters. I figure I am one. So I better take the next five evenings to really brush up on it.

By the time Craig gets home, I'll be talking in a proper English accent and eating cookies but calling them biscuits.

Enough codswallop for tonight. Cheerio!

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