Sunday, October 10, 2010

When Good Hair Goes Bad

It wasn't that long ago when Punkin, then six-years old, noticed me wearing high heels, something I do about once a year. She asked if they hurt. I smiled and admitted, "Yeah, now that you mention it, they do!" Her little face revealed such confusion. If something hurts, why not fix it? If something is uncomfortable, ditch it!

Then, something wild happened around here - she turned seven. Suddenly, she wanted my help picking her clothes and she started asking me to do her hair in intricate designs, like these found here. Sometimes, I warn her that it might hurt and she just shrugs her shoulders with the determination that might someday produce straight teeth, toned legs, and plucked eyebrows. I'm not sure I am ready for that day...

But I am enjoying having a daughter who actually wants me to brush her hair, help her pick her clothes. So, I was pretty proud of Punkin's birthday hairdo. She picked it from here, and I worked hard on it while she played a computer game.

All was well until bedtime when she asked me to take it out... Suddenly, her birthday went South quickly. At first, she tried to occupy herself with a good book, but by the end, she was crying stoic, shoulder-shaking tears of pain. It was twenty minutes of torture. Even Papa had to come help me undo all of the rubberbands. I'm pretty sure any pride I felt at the moment these pictures were captured had completely deflated by the time I made it to the last tangled rubberband. I should have taken a picture of THAT moment, just to keep it real.

Have you noticed that mom-blogs always have pictures of smiling children? I feel rather dishonest about not having more "real" moments of our day. But there is a very natural reason for that - no one grabs a camera when the kids are fighting, dinner is burning, and my husband wants to talk about finances. While I don't know how to capture those moments (and some of you would argue that I don't know how to capture ANY moments with my mad photography skills...), they exist...often.

I'm rejoicing tonight in all of those moments in my day - the ones that are miserable and the ones that are memorable. And I thank you for allowing me to share them in this safe place.

Resting in Him,

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