Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh, the horror! (Sacred Sandwich)

As school and family and life unfold around here, I've found it easier to write than to read and link and read and link... But, finally, here are some links that I have enjoyed reading in the last few weeks. I hope there's something in here for you.

  • The truth about the model search: dreams and schemes.
  • For years, I've read everything I can get my hands on concerning Steve Saint, son of murdered missionary Nate Saint. His own biography was inspiring enough, but now, he's flying a car like Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang!
  • Like a cup of coffee on an unhurried morning, I savor Amber's posts, particularly this one about strays and this one titled "How a Life Can Support Life."
  • Katie always challenges me to think beyond my little world. Does it really matter if I paint the bedroom or not? I'm free to paint, don't get me wrong, but a heart of contentment and a life of love for Christ go so far...
  • Armed with my head on straight and my heart His, I'm free to enjoy beauty...like this great sock monkey little boys' bedroom, this repurposed grate, and this tutorial site for DIY furniture, storage, and even playhouses! (Thanks, Sum, for the link. Gil is dreading the day I ask to borrow his skil saw...)
  • Next time we hit the grocery store, I'm buying the ingredients for fall "acorns." Check these out!

  • This article had me nodding my head at the computer. Truth. And even humor. Anyone who can talk about middle school wedgies and faith gets my vote every time. (Thanks to Ann for pointing it out.)
  • And my favorite-favorite-favorite link for the week, no the month. Don't fault me for not going deep and spiritual, because this site has offered me hours of peaceful respite. Give your children glue sticks and scissors and you are good for at least twenty minutes. I'll admit, I got in on the fun too. (I'm pretty sure I've linked to this before, but I'll do it again because it's that good. And you might not have believed me the first time around.)
Resting in Him,

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