Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marquis Letters

The verdict is still out around here, perhaps you can help.

Such a silly, simplistic question, not deep at all.

All you interior designers out there, will you please enlighten me? Are "words" still good ideas in our homes? Moderation?

And another question. Do you paint the electric outlets or leave them white?

Today, this is what I'm dreaming of... the word WELCOME in movie theater marquis letters.

(found at the House of Turquoise blog.)


Rebecca said...

I am still loving "words". Hunting down letters can be so fun! I would leave the outlet covers alone though, I feel like the paint would get messed up easily.

Amanda said...

I love it! It seems to me that decor words are alive and well, but even if they weren't-- it's your home, so you if you love an idea, why not go for it? :)

Anonymous said...

If people can decorate with roosters and pigs, you can spell things on your walls. My non-decorative .02 ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,

I am an interior designer and I love this idea! Search ebay and salvage stores for unique letters. Yes, moderation is the key and go ahead and leave those outlets alone. Good luck!!

Karen said...

Thanks you all!!! I think it's unanimous - don't touch the outlets. And keep Scrabble letters handy... Got it.