Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tenement on Wheels

This morning, we are on the road. Not to be confused with the side of the road.

We are headed to the ocean to show the kids real waves, real fish, and real camping. Okay, that last part is a joke. Who are we kidding? We'll be driving our e-bay motorhome (we own half of it, my parents own the cleaner half), and we're parking it in an RV park, hooking up our electricity and water, and conveniently calling it camping. It's rough - I have to actually light the stove before I cook, thank you very much. And the shower water pressure is a tad too strong, leaves me almost sore. Roughing it.

Anyways, all of this means that I've spent the last two days trying to prepare. And there are a few essentials for every family vacation that I dragged out to the motorhome (which, by the way, is currently parked in our driveway and racking up CC&R code violations). I thought you should know what essentials - other than electricity and running water - we can't live without while "camping":

Games - we're all about these, especially with our six-year old. I like to think of myself as the coach she never had - my job is to make sure she learns how to lose with grace. Which means I show no mercy. I do my best to whoop her at every game we play, particularly Phase 10 and SET. For the younger kids, we are into the Letter Factory Bingo game that I picked up at a thrift store for $3. Their victory dances are so cute to us and are going to make for very awkward moments in a few years at the soccer games. Real Gil and I used to play boardgames together before we had kids, now we're too tired to have many remaining brain cells. But if we do blow the dust off an old, well-loved game, it'll definitely be Bohnanza, the best game ever.

Books - we have quite a variety this week...Philip Yancey for me (The Jesus I Never Knew)... Bringing Up Boys for Real Gil... Ramona the Pest for Punkin'... and some Curious George for the younger two. I can't wait to snuggle up oceanside and read the same story over and over, just to keep my kids in my arms.

Garlic. Yes, never leave home without it. I'll tell you more about this soon...(recipe included)

Good music and running shoes. Doesn't necessarily mean anything, I could just look at them. But a little fast-paced Tommy Walker or Matt Maher just might get me in the mood for a run.

Tickets to an aquarium and a surprise trip on a sailboat for the kids...have I mentioned what a terrible swimmer I am? How I don't really like boats unless I'm seeing them from my picnic blanket on the beach? I have actually told my children that if we are ever drowning, follow Daddy because Mama is going to see Jesus. Now, I know you all didn't like those Morbid Monday posts but just in case our boat gets hijacked by a confused whale, and my orange life-jacket doesn't keep me afloat, will you please forward those posts to Real Gil, so he remembers all the important details of life without me? Especially the puke bowl. Someone remind him not to toss salad in it, please.

Hope you are doing something fun, even daring, today.

Resting in Christ Alone,

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