Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, I've been staying up wa-hay too late this week with Real Gil away in the evenins. And because I am so sacrificial, I am not caught up on Top Chef as my evenings have been spent reading and linking great posts for my ever-so-kind readers. So, I hope you find a few minute to check them out.
  • On a more practical note, here's a link to the workbox system that we use for organizing all of the homeschool stuff in our home. Jolanthe does it a bit differently than we do, but she's got loads of information, links to many other families' systems, and best of all, free printables.
  • Although I do not struggle with the ongoing debate over Christians and birth control, I have in the past, and still find the discussion interesting. Since I'm mentioning Amy, I must recommend one of my favorite posts of all time, her post on birth control. It was gentle, humble, and doggone smart (that's her). This recent article from Christianity Today poses another view. I found the comments after both articles to be particularly interesting too. On a related topic, if you found last week's link to the new book, Quivering Daughters, to be insightful, you might want to try your hand at winning a copy free, here.
  • Lighter stuff, you say? Oh, do I have it for you!!! If you need to laugh, check out this blog - a virtual family that lives in Pottery Barn catalogs - or this blog which makes me laugh at myself.
  • An interesting article on what is really making Americans fat...Real Gil is a skeptic when it comes to organics and he's not going to like this article! But if you're personally sold on organics, this article contains a list of the "Dirty Dozen" items that are high in pesticides and a corresponding list of the "Clean Fifteen" items that aren't high in pesticides.
  • Check out Cathe's workroom...makes me want to be crafty just so I can sit in here and "work." I just want to know if anyone has talked to you, Cathe, about your cigar addiction...
  • Jesus is enough, more than enough, whether we know it or not. When I'm being perfectly honest, I know there are days when I know it and there are days when I go hunting for "better stuff." Here's Kristen's take on it.
Have a delightful weekend!

Resting in Him,

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