Friday, July 2, 2010

The Sorta Reveal

Well, it's not all put together.

Professional bloggers would never post their "reveal" pictures before they are completely finished with the project.

But I just can't wait. And knowing me, I'll never be "completely finished" with the room so my only criteria for resolving to show you this room is whether it's clean or not.

Today, it's clean.

It's not complete, but it's clean. And I can't wait to put a silver Christmas tree in there come next December!

So, here it is:

Our master bedroom BEFORE: (as in, before I bought five gallons of paint and borrowed the extension ladder from my parents)

Our master bedroom AFTER: (as in, after my children and husband survived three days of ill-prepared or fast-food meals; as in, after my mom survived three days of me talking and talking and talking while I painted; as in, after I finally got all the paint out from under my fingernails and even took a real shower...)

Walking into our room...

Looking left...

And looking left again...
(Sis, you can't have your couch back!
I'll pay you for it when you return stateside okay?
But it works in here, I think...)

This wall was made by Real Gil of weathered wood. And it really was weathered, as my parents had milled it on their mountain property and nixed ideas to built a cabin. After three years of snowfall on top of this stuff, it was truly weathered. Real Gil wasn't afraid...He bundled the Littles up in snow suits and shifted the truck into four-wheel drive.

After hauling it all home, he went to work...

Another view of the vaulted ceiling and shelf above...

My budget for our bedroom was never officially mentioned. That's because the hubby and I are so in tuned with one another that we don't even have to speak finances, like some kind of love-ESP. Our marriage is that good. Or, perhaps I'm stretching the truth a bit... it may be that our marriage was worth Real Gil's not mentioning costs and my not mentioning expenses. It's done, the colors are manly enough to suit him, and there is a floral print here or there to appease me.

A few of my favorite details include this screen found locally. I hot-glued clothespins on to it and affixed a collection of love letters from Real Gil to me (and back), a few pictures of us dating, the pocket watch I gave him on our wedding day, and the corsage he gave me on prom night when I was FOURTEEN. Did you hear that crazy number? Never tell my daughters that number. Unless you want me to retaliate and tell your children how they were made by Mommy and Daddy.

A collection of scenic pictures found at antique stores around town. I'll be hunting for these for the next ten years...until I finish the collection...upon which I will promptly decide to change the color of the walls, and break up the entire scenic goodness. Well anyways, here I have my first art collection. And one other reason to drag Real Gil into odd hole-in-the-wall stores while we vacation. He loves to carry these kind of shapes onto airplanes and find creative ways to get them into the overhead compartments.

Storage around the desk is clumsy at best. Bills, post-it notes, and a few Hot Wheels all needed a home. I'm pretty sure these wire baskets aren't the way to store stuff practically, but practicality went out the window with the budget and these came home with me.


I am not an interior designer by any stretch of the word, but I am smiling every time I walk into my bedroom. Glad it's done!

Thanks for letting me neglect you all for a few days.

Resting in Him Spiritually, and in bed physically!


Jill Guinness said...

Great room Karen!! You are SO an interior decorator! Tell Craig that he did a great job on that weathered wood wall! Dave Ramsey would be especially jealous of how your marriage is just so tight that you don't even have to talk about money - - you just sense it!

Karen said...

Dave Ramsey, call us. We'll give you some financial counseling. Or something to really make you laugh at.

WildCrazy said...

I love it!! So beautiful and so very . . . you!