Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Needs a Double Stroller?

I run.

Let me clarify that: I'm not a runner.

I am not consistent.

I don't wear cute running clothes.

But I do run.

I pretty much count down every moment until I finish. Like chewing a terrible bite of food, just trying to get to the point of choking it down.

Once, I was running in the wind and I was so delusional that I actually turned around backwards, thinking that would alleviate the gusts. (Oh no you di-int...yes I did).

Last week, I went for a run while on vacation (why do we do that to ourselves?). You know you're dog-tired when your ipod music starts sounding strained, then it even starts to sound off-tune. Before I knew it, dear old Tommy Walker was gasping along with me.

Yesterday, I decided to do it with three kids tagging along. By the end of the torture beautiful jaunt, I had bicycles littered behind us on sidewalks and two kids in the single stroller. (That's how fast I am - they just barrel into the stroller, leaving toys in my wake...).

Why did I bring a stroller with three kids? Because I have that mother's gut that says, some of these kids are going to bail off their bikes and ask you to carry them about one mile away from the house. With a double stroller with double flat tires, I gambled and took the single-seated stroller.

By the end of the run, they were sitting on each other's laps.

It didn't go so well. Can you tell which child was squished?

But the next time someone tells you that the double jogging stroller is essential, you tell them that in my white trash neighborhood, all you need is a generic singe seater...and a few grumpy kids to make the experience complete.

No wonder I like running so much...


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