Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Printables and more

Greetings from hot Palm Desert.

We're still on vacation, but will be returning to the "real world" in a few short days.

In the meantime, here are a few links that I have appreciated this week. I hope you do too.
  • Jolanthe is an amazing homeschool mama who put together some free, printable, reading charts for her kids. Whenever I want to reinvent the homeschool wheel, I check out her website first and save lots of time.
  • There are no more babies in our home, but if there were, I'd be printing these off for them, perhaps to go next to the changing table or maybe laminated and put on the ceiling of the car (above their carseat).
  • Here's one mom's lists of summer things-to-do for the past few years. Makes me want to go splash in a good puddle or two. :)
  • I love baseball, but I don't watch it. Unless it's live and I have a box of salty, overpriced popcorn in my hands. But I loved the transcendent moment in baseball I watched unfold this week.
Resting in Him,

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Jill Guinness said...

OK, seeing the link to Jolanthe's website makes me wanna homeschool again! I copied a lot of her ideas for kindergarten. We are LOVING this summer! So good to have my little boy home again!