Friday, June 25, 2010

Fridge Photos, Pallet Beds and More!

My little sister admitted that my Friday posts are her favorites - where I unashamedly tell you to go find better articles elsewhere. So, I hope there are more readers who agree with her, who enjoy a few extra links. Otherwise, I'll have to replace our weekend reading list with another one of my areas of expertise - like exciting ways to explore algebra or how to shop at Marshalls. I'm going to go ahead and keep linking this up to a few of my favorite reads of the week unless I get an all out rebellion from you dear readers.

  • Artistically challenged - yes, I am. Do I appreciate art? If it has to do with food, you bet. Check this out. I'm wondering if that photographer somehow got a picture of MY fridge somewhere in there (it's the really organized one...ahem!). "What's in the Fridge?" Awesome stuff!
  • Yes, bullet point number one must be followed up by this link which proves that outside resources are my childrens' only hope for learning fine arts, like how to draw. I just might be caught sketching, with my tongue sticking out and my brows furrowed in concentration, right along with Punkin'.
  • I have nowhere to put another bed in this house. I believe there's even one extra bed in the attic...but I need this bed. Now. Somewhere in my house. So do you. And check out this girls' Do-It-Yourselves. They are amazing. I can count on one hand how many times this craft-challenged gal actually wanted to grab a glue gun and get to work. Get thee to Michaels!
  • Before I admit this, I just want you to know that I watch about four hours of TV a week. Okay, maybe six, depending on what Netflix are sitting around. And how much laundry I have to fold. Having said that, and reminding you all that I am saved by grace, I will now admit that I watch Glee. And I like it. Especially the really mean Cheerios coach. Whew, it's nice to have that off my chest. And I looked long and hard to find a person who was going to try to spiritualize the teeny-bopper show for me, justify my viewing it as a "research" hour. Here's what I found.
  • Oh, I'm drooling over this gal's floor. And wondering what ploy she used to convince her husband it was a good idea. I need tips on both - how to paint the floor and how to manipulate a sane man into going for it.
  • This article - succinct, articulate, downright good. So glad that the power source for doing all of these things is fully provided for us!
  • On a more serious note, would you take a moment and pray for one of my personal heroes of the faith? Thanks.
Resting in Him,

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