Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Kids Help

I am learning that as a homeschooling mother, every moment is an opportunity to learn. And I'm only talking about ME. I'm learning to let go of my need to prove myself, to accomplish more than I need to in a day's time. When I'm resting in Christ who meets all of my needs, it's easy to let the agenda go and embrace those teachable moments - with all of the noise, messes, and stretches of time they take. It usually means a slower pace, more chaos, and definitely bigger messes in the kitchen to clean. But it also means growth and lots of smiles too.

If you could complete this sentence, what would it say: A messy lesson I am learning today is _______.

Resting in Him,


Lacey said...

Letting my baby boy self feed with a spoon. There was yogurt every where but he totally enjoyed it and so did I.

Karen said...

Good job, Lacey!!! You're way ahead of me, my six year old still has to use a cup with a lid! :) karen

Kim said...

I need a lesson in this pretty badly. Messes drive me completely crazy, but are so much fun for kids.

A messy lesson I learned today... a shirt covered in drooled bits of Cheerios are well worth a few minutes of catching up on the computer!