Monday, March 7, 2011

Links I Actually Read

We're sneaking away from this sweet, wild dog and bunk beds and textbooks. I've packed games, nail polish, and swimsuits. It will be good. (Just to clarify: the nail polish is for the female family members.)

Here are some links I've enjoyed lately. They are a bit dated as I haven't been reading much online these days, but I think you will still find some treasures in here somewhere.

  • The coolest homemade clock! I gotta make one of these.
  • I'm sure you've seen Layla's website; she posted some of her favorite videos from the year and I loved watching these.
  • I was supposed to show you all this BEFORE Valentine's Day, but maybe we can all get a head start on it for next year. Isn't this the cutest?!
  • And then, there's this flower tutorial - one of these days I'm going to do more than just read the tutorials...
  • And how about this cherry blossom display? Susie Harris made this with fake flowers and real sticks, which is a pretty good compromise in my book.
  • The only thing that says spring in my house is the cleaning supplies. It might be time to add something like this - the cutest table centerpiece. If Cathe Holden was my neighbor, I'd be baking whatever it took to get my hands on one of these.
  • Not everything I read is as materialistic as the above links. Every once in a while, I get enough brain power to read (instead of scroll) an article. One that I had to pass on was "The 'Yes' Face" over at It's okay - no, even good - to say "No" to our children, but when it's harmless (but perhaps taxing), I want to give an emphatic "Yes!"
  • New to me, Miss Shauna, but her words were good. Let us mothers celebrate our children - and say "Yes!" to them - but do so in ways that are sensitive to those around us who are seeking to find that the Now is enough.
  • I found this article tracking college student learning to be somewhat true of my own college education. And it's made me reconsider the approach to education as a whole. Is it just another hoop we jump through? Or is it authentic learning? And is my education at home any different?
  • I have a cousin who married this girl...doesn't that sound like I'm about to tell a lie?... Anyways, her name is Jessica and she clips she can give it all away! One of my goals for the year is to learn how to do the coupon thing so I can join her on this mission.
Happy reading to you.

Resting in Him,

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Karen,
Your mom gave me your blog address (again). So here I am. Ron B has been here all weekend working on legal stuff. He's preparing to leave shortly; and I wanted to make sure he had your blogspot info.

Will talk soon !!

Love, Gramma