Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The laundry is half done and between loads, I've been putting together a few of my favorite articles and posts lately. Here are the distracting, motivating, controversial, or just doggone pretties I've stumbled upon...

  • The tablecloth I wanted to make for Thanksgiving...if I made Thanksgiving dinner...and wasn't in Hawaii eating kabobs with my family this year. Anyways, maybe a Christmas version is soon to come around these parts...
  • Amy always has great articles in her sidebar, including this one about what to give a family with new babies, and what peculiar diet one nutrition professor adopted.
  • How to survive serving others...poignant for this mother and wife.
  • The soup we loved on Day #1, and the pasta that it became on Day #2. Try this!
  • I'm getting the Christmas make-it-and-wrap-it bug. That's a bit scary for Real Gil, and perhaps for you when you see the results and try to hide your dismay. But with a good tutorial, I figure I can't get it too wrong. Check out Cathe's free vintage alphabets - I'm pretty sure I have a few fresh, white tea towels that are begging for some iron-on monograms... And I loved this whimsical homemade wreath. Pretty sure my grandparents had one in their house when I was a little girl. It must be made. And sprayed with sticky artificial snow.
  • This article was not half as interesting to me as the comments below it...if you want a little "stirring" of thoughts, respectfully debated, this just might be up your alley.
  • I love how Thanksgiving can be strung into words like these. And I look forward to similar words of prayer lifting above the Christmas table.
  • Simply put, I'm a mother of a son. And I pray there's a blog post someday like this mother's.
  • Monotony or excitement, might we do it with hearts that seek One.
The laundry is nagging me - this formidable mound of practicality and style and deals. So, read if you like, while I fold.

Resting Here,

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