Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm out of the of the office this week. By "office" I mean the laundry room, the kitchen, and the mini-van. My partner in the office is also gone, Real Gil says his name tag. Funny thing though - we're out of the office, but some elements of the office have come with us.

Note out the window: dark and snowing.
Note: inside the window, one tired Mama (sans makeup) and two wild kids!

That's fine by me.

We played "napkin tic tac toe" and passed out in-flight lollipops.

There was lots more in that chunk of time, but seven long hours are now blurred in Hawaii's sunshine.

After cousins reunited,
they scoped out the hotel...

they dogpiled...

and tumbled...

Then, we stripped off winter clothes, slathered sunscreen, took tags off kid flip flops, and went exploring...

So, I'm off to chase kids, reapply sunscreen, and enjoy my family. I'll see you all next week, my friends. Praying your Thanksgiving is filled with good food, sweet company, and overflowing hearts.

Resting in Christ,

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