Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It felt like coming home this morning as I logged in here, and scrolled about, coffee cup at my elbow. I hope you are enjoying 2011 already!

Are you a resolution kind of person? Some years, I look down my nose at resolutions, and other years, I firmly plant one and work hard to conquer.

Last year's resolution was to write, to discipline myself to writing as often as possible here in this safe place. This year's resolution is to write, but to do so only when inspired, not on a strict day-by-day basis. So, I'll still be here, writing in the wee hours. But it will not be as often as last year. I sense that the relationships around me require a little bit more attention and time.

But if I can't write, I can still read. Here are a few of my favorite reads these days:

  • Is it too late to make snowflakes? I think not! Check out this tutorial.
  • We are so happy and content in our home. I love living right here. But it's still fun to dream, and if you like to browse houses like you're browsing a clothing rack, check out this website called The Plan Collection. I'll admit there were unaccounted hours spent here when I should have been wrapping presents.
  • Steve wrote this short and simple post that resonated with me. Who sits in our front row? Who do we honor higher than ourselves? And who do we not?
  • A new favorite for me is this girl, Elizabeth Esther. She writes provocatively about honest issues in mothering, faith, and life. Her article on Christmas grief was heart-wrenching, and yet, encouraging all the same.
  • I've always wondered why Thomas is so widely criticized for his doubt of Jesus and John the Baptist is not. Here's Hillary's perspective of John the Baptist and the glorious promise of Emmanuel.
  • A book I want to read - Euna Ling's survival of a North Korean prison, and more importantly, the refinement of her faith and understanding of God in the midst of brutality. Answering that question, Where is God in this?!, is a difficult (perhaps impossible) one, but I look forward to her story of finding comfort and truth.
  • This woman deserves a party, not a funeral! Wow!
  • If I had a time share, or a vacation home, I'd be donating the use of it here...
Happy New Year to you all. I look forward to writing, and sharing, in the next year.

Resting in God with Us,

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Alicia Eastvold said...

I'm really glad you'll continue the blog... when so inspired. That's what we want anyways. I know I was really blessed over the year to read it.