Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's been killing me not to share our little secret. The thing that has had me distracted and unable to sleep at night.

Finally, after keeping the secret so well, and thank goodness we didn't have to wait until December 25th, we lined the kids up on the couch. Grandparents were there too and the kids thought they were taking Christmas pictures with Uncle James...who took a picture so we weren't guilty of lying.

Then, Daddy surprised them with a box. With a dog in it.

It was perfect...The kids were shocked, and still didn't understand it thirty minutes later. I know this because one of them found me down the hall and asked, "So, whose dog is that?" "Ours!" I replied. "You mean, we get to keep it???!"

Resting Spiritually (and awake every 2 hours physically!),


Anonymous said...

So, if it's the dog keeping you awake all night call me. I can probably help with that. If it's the kids, you're on your own. Enjoy! K

Karen said...

Funny girl, K! :) I look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the church.